B is for “Brighid” (Finally!)

photo credit: Amanda Slater

photo credit: Amanda Slater

If you know me at all, Dear Reader, you’re probably asking yourself: “How did Aster manage to make two ‘B’ posts for the Pagan Blog Project without focusing either one on Brighid?”  That’s an excellent question. The answer is:  I have no idea.  I guess my brain just had other plans this week.

However, I can’t stand the thought of letting “B” go by for another year without at least one short Brighid-focused PBP post.  So, here are links to a few excellent online resources about Brighid:

photo credit: Sam Kelly

Loop of Brighid, a new, semi-weekly Patheos column written by Christopher Scott Thompson (aka Gilbride), my friend and fellow traveler on Brighid’s Path.

Brighid:  Goddess and Saint, a great website full of info about Brighid and links to even more info.

Brigit’s Sparkling Flame, a wonderful blog full of interesting items about Brighid and how She is honored today.

Solas Bhríde, a small order of Brigidine Sisters working to restore the ancient fifth century Order of St. Brigid of Kildare.

But never fear, Dear Reader!  This post is just a hint of posts to come. I’m sure you’ll get very tired of reading about Brighid………but I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of writing about Her.

B is for “Brighid”, “Brigit”, “Brigid”, and “Better Late Than Never”.

~ Aster


3 thoughts on “B is for “Brighid” (Finally!)

  1. odeliaivy says:

    Thank you for these resources. I do hear quite a bit about her, and would like to read more. I had one of these bookmarked from a post your wrote to another on TC. The other two are nice additions! Sweet!

  2. […] is a link to Aster Breo’s post about Brighid: B is for Brighid. In this post, Aster links to an interesting website that links to an interesting article about […]

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